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Cosmetic Dentistry Gallery

Case 1 – Bonding Correcting Canine Tooth

Bonding Correcting Canine Tooth

Canine Tooth that needs Dental Bonding

Canine tooth out of place before picture

Before: showing canine tooth out of position

Misaligned Canine Tooth

After: bonding corrects canine tooth position

Case 2 – Bonding Front Eight Teeth Chipped

Chipped Teeth Before Surgery

Before Bonding – Chipped Front Teeth

Chipped Teeth Fixed After Surgery

After Bonding Front Teeth

Case 3 – Bonding Front Eight Teeth Discolored Spaces

Yellow Teeth Before Picture

Discolored Teeth Before Procedure

Stained Teeth Whitened After Procedure Picture

Teeth Whitened After Procedure